Information security

We Respect Your Privacy
We attach great importance to the protection of your privacy while providing your personal information during the transactions. Personal information obtained during your visit to our site is kept confidentially by us within the framework of legal provisions. Retention of this information is part of our company policy. Our site may contain links to other internet addresses that do not have these policies.

Collection of Personal Information
During your visit to our site, our network analytics program automatically records the name of your internet provider, the site that allows you to be transferred to our site, which parts of our site you have visited, the date of your visit and how long you have spent. Our site helps us to analyze the preferences of our guests and improve our system according to those preferences with the help of cookies and other active programs (eg JavaScript). If you wish, you can set your browser to warn you when a cookie arrives or you can reject cookies. If you refuse cookies, some parts of our site may not work well enough. Other personal information will only be obtained if you fill out a registration, survey, form or contract.

Use of Personal Information and Statement of Purpose
We will only use your personal information when necessary and only for the technical administration of our site, marketing and surveys. Your personal information will never be disclosed to third parties without your consent.

We have high security protocols in place to protect your information against manipulation, loss, damage or access by unauthorized persons for any other purpose. We are constantly increasing these protocols as technology develops.

Freedom of Choice
We prefer to use your information stored in our hotel data in order to inform you about our campaigns and services or to benefit from your ideas; Of course, we would like to do this with your permission. If it is not suitable for you, you can inform us of this situation at any time. Thus, we prevent the use of your information.

You can apply to the Hotel Manager for all kinds of information, suggestions and complaints about your personal data. Despite our best efforts for accuracy and timing, if there is any incorrect information, we may correct this information upon your request.